Greeting from Chairman

Our company has striven with a concept of harmony between "nature" and "health and happiness of human" since our inauguration in 1973.
I strongly appreciate your patronage.
While economic and industrial structures have changed significantly, public works including water pipes, freeways and bridge works, which were established during the period of high economic growth, have passed their peak and problems due to aging have been increasing.
I would like our company to strive to keep Japan proud for its next generation by using technical capabilities and human resources, which we have cultivated for a long time.
For that reason, I am indebted to our clients for their continuous guidance and support.

Greeting from President

Thank you for visiting our homepage.
We have expanded the business in the various areas centering on the construction industry.
In this business expansion, what we always want to focus on is "customer satisfaction".
We work on tasks with thinking how we can make customers happy through work and also individual people who involve with our company happy.
I think this working style is the most important thing.
We will strive more for work that you can understand.