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Privacy Policy


We recognize that our responsibilities are to appropriately handle the information including name, date of birth, address and e-mail address, which can identify particular individuals, and protect them, and we implement the following approaches.
  • Purpose of Use
    We promise that we shall not use personal information (addresses, names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers) for any purpose other than our business, or give out the information to third parties. We give first priority to the protection of privacy. We store private information safely under strict management and take security measures such as using antivirus software.
  • Proper Management
    We shall take appropriate security measures to prevent incidents including unauthorized access, loss, falsification and leak of the private information we have.
  • Restrictions of Provision to A Third Party
    Unless required by law, we shall not disclose or provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual.
  • Legal Compliance
    In regards to handling the personal information, while we comply the related laws and regulations and the like with respect to the private information, we shall perform continuous reviews and make improvements of the security measures in response to the environment around our company and changes in social conditions.